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"Lemberg-Trans" - is a young company that is positively proven in the market of freight. Extensive experience and professionalism of our experienced logisticians, managers and drivers (over 10 years), guarantees reliability, safety and speed delivery of your goods, and instant address current issues.

Company's truck fleet - a tent 22 car class Euro 5. We realize delivery at a reasonable price, promptly, fully control the movement of goods at all stages of transportation and informs about the client.

Our company focuses on developing and leading position in the transportation market. In today's challenging economic conditions, we offer you a mutually beneficial partnership that will strengthen our position will provide development to adequately confront the economic crisis.

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to arrange transportation of any entrusted cargo to the scheme, which is comfortable for the customer, in optimal time and adequate financial costs.

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to work in the best European traditions! We are professionals in transport area! The fast and the best cargo delivery is our exceptional service!

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in long and fruitful cooperation with the companies whose activities directly or indirectly related to the cargo transportation.